Catalytic Converter Replacement Exhaust #4 (updated)

I collected the raw tubes earlier in the week, which is enough for 4 pieces, but still looking for somebody to do the smaller pipes that the downpipes fit into. This means I can start the 2-1 and outlet bend assembly, but obviously I really need to start at the front first, so these down pipe bends are a bit of a nuisance.


Rubber sheet that fits over the airbox lid

I finally got round to flattening out this rubber sheet, scanning it and drawing around it in CAD.


Here is the 2D .dxf file, contact me if you want it in another format.


Catalytic Converter Replacement Exhaust #4


This is the start of a CAD model which is based on my prototype collector, and this drawing is my way of working out what angle & length mandrel bends I need to fabricate a 4-2-1 collector to replace the catalytic converter. The front pipe merge collectors are well sorted, just got to do a little more work on two of the three remaining bends.

Looks ever more promising, as I have found a mandrel bender near me too.

How to fit a one piece exhaust to a GTS1000.

This has to be the easiest way to fit a one piece exhaust... jack it up with an engine crane like this

Undo the front swingarm bolts and pull the arm out of the way, and just strap it up to something nearby, like this and this.

and when it's looks like this.

Total time probably less than an hour and a half.

Catalytic Converter Replacement Exhaust #3

Finally got round to finishing this, only get one day in seven to play at the moment. To be honest, it needs a little more work, more polishing etc, slight tweak to the final bend after the collector, before I make the final version for the GTS.

Awaiting some feedback from the local tube benders, as to what they can do for me, and talked it over with the stainless steel welder/fabricator. Will start a jig once, I know what these can do. Definitely looking at four separate downpipes though, as pulling the front arm away is more work then it needs to be.

Will be using larger primary/headers/downpipes to suit higher performance applications, but it will not be detrimental for stock ones either.