MacBook Leopard keyboard freezes

This is beginning to really annoy me. Ever since I upgraded to Leopard, OSX 10.5 I noticed the keyboard was not responding to key presses, so I assumed it was Spotlight or Time Machine indexing my data. I am plugged into a couple of LaCie external drives, so there was plenty to index. Right now I am trying to ftp this stuff up and now Spaces is playing up and the screens are jumping around, when you click on a dialog box. I have also had sequentially opening top menu boxes.

Normally you have to wait around 7-10 seconds or so, but so far it has not kicked in since typing the blog entry. Easiest way to find out whether the keyboard is OK, is to keep hitting the caps lock key and wait for the green LED to kick in again. I sometimes get a pop through the iPod HiFi, when it's OK to start typing again. Usually it's clicking in and out of dialog boxes in Safari, that I have the issues in that it works for one, a new box pops up and then it freezes.

You can use the trackpad and mouse, rather than keyboard shortcuts, but my clicking was getting unresponsive too. I changed the trackpad preferences, so now at least I can quit the apps now.

I don't believe it, it hasn't froze yet. Usually it when you are punching in words in the Google toolbar in Safari, or searching on Spotlight...or even clicking into a word to correct a mistype/spelling.

Hopefully Apple will give us an update.