This is another acquisition that I need to complete the engine work to the right standard. It’s in pretty good condition mechanically, but cosmetically it could be improved, as the small picture below this one, is a picture of new old stock that I found on the internet. The Speed Hone was discontinued in 2008, this one is quite old, as it doesn’t have a guard and a lowish serial number at around 1500. The motor has been changed for a 3 phase/single phase combo, and I need to get an On/Off switch for it.



Another view of a working Delapena Bench Hone, the pulley ratios can be altered to vary the maximum honing speed, plus there is a felt pad brake to vary the mandrel speed during honing operations.


At the moment I don’t have any useful mandrels, but Sunnen & Delapena hones are interchangeable, so hopefully I will get some in the next few weeks, and then I can modify the table to take a Panhard crankshaft. I hope to be able to hone out the connecting rods to take the new bronze bushes.