Panhard Crankshaft


This page will be updated over the next few months, and is just a place holder.
The picture above is a CAD drawing of the latest crankshaft version, and of which there will be two prototypes made for testing purposes.
If these are successful then a batch of 10 or so will be made in 2017, or developed further if there are any issues.

This crankshaft has been designed from the ground up to be a drop in replacement for the standard Panhard crankshaft, and even uses refurbished original Panhard connecting rods. The big end bearings have more rollers than the originals, and a greater load capacity, and the slinger or “les larmiers” en français have superior capacity, and detachable for cleaning too. It is recommended that the oil circuit is enhanced, and some form of filtration is fitted to reduce wear, and ensure long life.