Stiege 2010

...Stiege Treffen to be added here

Lütz 2009


After breakfast, in Lütz, Germany waiting for the others to join us on the rideout. It was a really warm day, and the area around the Mosel valleys was very picturesque. That’s the same red GTS1000 in the picture above, which I rebuilt for the Treffen by talking bits off the blue one to bring it up to scratch.

I ended up swapping the shocks, exhaust system, screen, HID lights & headlamp, airbox with K&N filter, luggage mounts and wheels, plus I had to fit new tyres, ignition coils, plugs. and do a last minute rebuild on the front caliper.

Le Mans 2008

Looking a bit tatty after five days in France coming back from MotoGP Le Mans, oil filler panel removed for easier topping up.


Smoke stop for some of the gang, just outside Combles, somewhere en route to LeMans, and that’s Dales red GTS behind my blue one

Wangels 2007

To be added later