I never thought I’d be doing another one of these again, but a good friend was in a spot of bother with his Panhard engine, so I decided to have a look at it.

After stripping the engine down, there were quite a few issues, and the source of the shuffling noise was discovered, but it won’t come back! I will edit this blog when I have time to post the observations and collate some pictures.

The engine had been fitted with one of my oil filter conversion kits after its last rebuild, and at the same time it had an aluminium camshaft gear fitted.

The list of jobs for this engine,

Remove mass & inertia from OEM flywheel
Revise crankcase oil circuits, as it is the later crankcase design, which relies on the camshaft gear to splash lubricate the front main bearing and big end.
New oil seals to front and rear main bearings
Make new front pulley for new crankshaft trigger wheel and MicroSquirt ignition system
Revise porting to cylinder head area, with possible twin plug conversion
Rebore cylinders with new bespoke high compression pistons
Rebuild the valve gear bushes
Improve crankcase breather
Improve air filtration
Improve oil cooling

Some of these will be a continuing test bed for past improvements, but the new ones are the pistons and cylinder reboring, the new oil seal detail to the front timing cover, and the new front pulley to take the trigger wheel.

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