Panhard oil pump modification

The oil pump before

Plugging the timing gear lubrication drilling, helps to restore the equal phasing of the front rear crankshaft oil supply, but fitting a new design of oil light piston will guarantee this. Then the oil distribution in these areas will be directly related to the oil pump performance, which is still affected by the priority needs of the cylinder head & valve gear oil supply, but at least the OEM imbalance is negated.<br /><br />flexible


This modified oil pump will now flow more oil at speed, when you want it and there will be less bubbles in the oil as a result, which has the effect of improving the oil quality.


You can see the small inlet pipe into the crankcase, and also see where the oil pump mates up to it, which is the black circle I have inked in and the centre of the outlet is represented by the black lines. So again the flexible shaft is used to reshape this area, and the important thing is to match the mating diameters more closely. It makes sense to machine and open up this drilling to match the oil pump, as this will increase the flow rate into the main oil galleries, and it has no effect on the pressure of the system, contrary to what you might think. The pressure in the unmodified camshaft is controlled by the cross drilling after this, and the cylinder head feeds likewise by the size of their respective openings too. It really doesn’t make sense not to do it.


Next up revising the front crankshaft feed
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