Panhard crankcase oil gallery modifications

This is the cleaned crankcase marked up and ready for the knife or Foredom.


I have to modify the later style crankcase to adjust the oil circulation. This will mean creating a new big end feed under the front main bearing, plugging some of the existing galleries, and making new drain holes for the front timing gear. This will reduce pumping losses, lower oil temperatures and improve oil quality. After this I will be refining the existing oil galleries to reduce back pressure and cavitation, so increasing the nett flow rate of the existing oil pump.

Contrary to what others are saying or you might have heard elsewhere, this oil pump is more than capable of feeding the demands of the Panhard engine, and these mods to the front end boost pressure to the plain bearing surfaces, especially when combined with my camshaft oil light piston, so it’s a win win situation, but if I was going to spend money on something extra to improve things further, I would boost the oil capacity by increasing the sump volume.

Please note no Panhard oil pumps are destroyed making this modification.
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